Donner EQ Seeker

EQ Seeker is a compact analog 10-band graphic equalizer suitable for a variety of instruments. Featuring ten selected frequency bands, it allows you to precisely shape your tone by using the sliders onboard. An A-LEVEL slider is for boosting/eliminating your output level.

Compact Graphic Equalizer
The EQ Seeker is a graphic equalizer with ten frequency sliders for detailed tone sculpting. Each frequency band of EQ Seeker provides you a huge 15dB boost/cut range. With the frequency bands, you can improve tone details by cutting/boosting certain frequencies. You can also use it to eliminate unwanted feedback.

Simple Interface
A graphic EQ is always fast and intuitive, so does the EQ seeker. The ten sliders feature precise gain control, which provides you an accurate visual overview of the current frequency curve.

Not Only For Guitars
Features ten fine-selected frequency bands ranging from 31.25kHz to 16kHz, the EQ Seeker works not only for electric guitars but also for a variety of instruments: acoustic guitars, basses, keyboards…and more!

●Convenient compact size
●True Bypass
●Fully functional 10-band graphic equalizer suitable for any instrument
●Sliders for output level/EQ level control
●±15 dB adjustable gain range for each band
●Suitable for any music style

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