Your Recording Career Starts Here-Donner Livejack Audio Interface

If it’s always been your dream to record an amazing album or even just a handful of moving songs, then you know how powerful and big that dream can feel. Every day we see videos and behind-the-scenes photos of our favorite artists in multi-million dollar studios and it really feels like the dream is completely out of reach. But the truth of the matter is that some of your favorite albums by some of your favorite musicians were likely recorded in their bedrooms with simple, function equipment. That’s where the Donner EC1345 Livejack 2X2 Audio Interface comes in.



Uncompromising Audio Quality


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been recording for a while, you know that high-quality recordings are the building blocks that great albums are built on. Donner engineered the Class A DYNA Microphone Preamplifier to meet just that need. The Livejack 2X2 has two combo inputs for your microphones, instruments, and line-level signals and each input connects your source to a DYNA Microphone Preamplifier. These preamps have a whopping +60db of gain and plenty of headroom for the loudest sources. There are gain controls for each input allowing you to set precise levels and an instrument/line switch for each input. There’s a 48V phantom power switch if you’re using microphones or gear that need power. The Donner Livejack is capable of 24bit sample resolution and a 192kHz sample rate, so you won’t be missing anything and you have tons of headroom.


Donner also designed the D-Power audio amplifier, which provides a complete and honest sound at the output, whether you’re using the headphone out, TRS balanced output, or the RCA connections. There is no coloration to the tone. You lose no detail and no dynamics. What you recorded is what you’ll hear, and you’ll be able to make the best mixing decisions because of that.



Monitor Your Recordings


On the front of the Livejack 2X2. you’ve also got a headphone jack with enough gain to power some high-end cans so you can monitor directly the sounds your making without feedback or other unwanted listening noise. The blend knob makes it possible to mix in input signal directly with zero latency so you can hear exactly what you’re doing without getting confused or distracted by unwanted delay. To top it off, you’ve got this fantastic 1.3 inch TFT display showing you precise levels for not just your input signals, but your output signals as well, a feature not commonly found in devices of this size. Being able to monitor your recordings both visually and with your ears is incredibly important. Sometimes something sounds great when you’re recording, but you find out later than you’ve clipped or distorted. These visual cues keep you in the safe range and save you time, preventing you from having to re-record that perfect take.


Output Flexibility


In addition to the headphone jack, in the back of the Livejack 2X2, you’ve got high quality balanced TRS outputs and unbalanced RCA outputs to connect to whatever gear you’ve got for monitoring. There’s also MIDI in and out to communicate with your synthesizer gear and a USB-C port for connecting to your computer. If you’ve got a newer Mac, you know how valuable it can be to have a USB-C connection right on the device. Add to that its ASIO compliance, and you’re in plug-and-play heaven. If you’re on a Windows machine, a simple driver from the Donner website will get you up and running in no time.

Perfect for a Variety of Musicians


The Livejack 2X2 is the perfect choice for singer/songwriters who only need two inputs to capture their instrument and voice, or multi-instrumentalists who play one part at a time. The variety of output connectors also makes the Livejack 2X2 a perfect choice for EDM artists and DJs that need to wire into whatever sound system the venue has available and can’t mess with a ton of adapters that might degrade the signal. The device is also great for podcasters, allowing you to capture a microphone from both the host and the guest. The Livejack can also capture minimal drum overheads or a live stereo concert recording like a champ.


The Livejack supports most mainstream DAWs and connects with them simply and easily, getting out of the way of you and the music you want to make. If you’re looking for a two-input interface that’s dead simple, super flexible, high quality, and affordable, the search is over. This is the device for you.

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