Donner Arena 2000 Review, Is It Worth Buying?

The Downer Company is known for producing musical instruments. The Donner Arena 2000 was recently released to great acclaim, so is it a high-quality small pedal that many guitarists have been looking for? Let us take a look at the evaluation of Arena 2000.


Donner Arena 2000 Pedal is a powerful multi-FX processor and modeler. It uses donner's self-developed sound box and effect simulation algorithm technology. It is suitable for guitarists who are looking for a truly compact and dynamic equipment; comparison For the same type of products, Arena 2000 has a very strong cost performance and is the best choice for beginners.

Shape & Appearance

Donner Arena 2000 Multi Effect Unit MultiFx is very portable in appearance, its size is 11.5 inches wide x 2 inches high x 5.8 inches deep, it has a 3.5-inch TFT color screen, and it weighs only 3 pounds, which can be easily put into backpacks and pianos in the pouch of the bag.

Sound & Pitch

In terms of sound/tone, it comes with 80 amp models, as well as 50 free slots for IR, and even 10 mic simulations. Choose from 278 effect types, 100 classic effect models, 80 amp models and 50 cabinet models.

Examples include effects from the range of overdrive pedal emulations: RAT, Big Muff, and Klon clones. In isolation, you can tell you're not using the real thing, but in the mix, they sound really effective. In addition, it has 3 noise gates, 10 delay FX and 10 different reverbs. Strong explorability in sound exploration

Control & Use

Donner Arena 2000 has a pushable knob for navigating menus and adjusting parameters, which can be controlled with one button; secondly, it has a single foot switch, which can switch preset tone combinations with only one foot, which greatly reduces manual operation. A compact function panel with touch mode makes navigation simple and clear, making it easy for amateur and professional musicians alike.

Secondly, it supports usb socket, which can be connected to a computer, and has guitar input, auxiliary input, MIDI input, XLR L/R and unbalanced 1/4, etc., which makes artists handy when performing live.


Donner Arena 2000 has a complete service description, along with the multilingual instruction manual that comes with the product, which helps us to use this product faster; if there is a problem with the product, it can also be solved through after-sales service, which makes buying Donner more at ease.

Overall, this product is great value for money. If you have the patience to sit down and spend some time learning the layout of your setup, we think you'll get far more than this pedal's worth. This is a big step forward for the Donner, and with some small improvements like improved instructions, we think it will be a real contender among budget modelers. We don't think anyone will replace their Kemper with it, but if you've been considering the Headrush MX5 or Line 6 HX Stomp, this Donner Arena 2000 guitar pedal is definitely worth considering if you want to save money. 

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