Donner Arena 2000 Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal AMP Modeling Multiple Effects Processor

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Clear at one glance
3.5-inch TFT color screen.
278 Effect Types to Choose From
100 classic effect simulations, 80 amp simulations, and 50 cabinet simulations.
One Knob to Rule All
Pressable knob for navigating the menu and adjusting the parameters.
One Foot Switch
Switch your pre-set tone combinations with just one foot.
Easy to use
Arena2000's touch mode complements its small function panel design, and the navigation is simple and clear. Both amateur and professional musicians can easily get started. It can be the finest accessory to have with you at all times, whether you're in the studio, on stage, or in your bedroom.
Full function transformed from bedroom to stage
Arena2000 has Guitar In, Aux In, MIDI In, XLR L/R, and Unbalanced 1/4. A Cab Sim output option allows users to switch between the 1/4 output port and the XLR output port, which makes it handy for artists to perform live.


  • FVACM(Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling)Technology
  • 150 Presets (50 Banks x 3 Presets)
  • 80 Hi-res Amp Models
  • 50 Built-in Cab IR Models + 50 Slots for Loading 3rd Part IRs
  • IR Length: 23.2ms
  • A Total of 278 Effects
  • Moveable Effects Blocks for Flexible Signal Routing
  • Multi-function Ctrl and Expression Pedals ensure unlimited control possibilities
  • Built-in Drum Machine with 40 Patterns, and 60s Looper with Reversed/Double Speed/Half Speed
  • USB Audio/Recording supports recording dry and effect signals simultaneously
  • MIDI IN for External Switching Devices
  • Computer Software for Tone Editing, Backup, and Firmware Update
  • Mobile App for Bluetooth wireless Tone Editing
  • This product has a headphone output impedance of 10 ohms. Please select headphones with an appropriate impedance for use. Impedance that is too high may result in low headphone volume. Please be aware.
  • Product Manual: Donner Arena 2000.pdf
  • Arena 2000 Donner Control Download : Arena 2000 Donner Control Download

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Ask a Question
  • The first question asked about usability for bass and the answer talked about a speaker and equalizer which are clearly not present in a guitar mix pedal. So I ask again wit more specificity: (1) which amp Sims are bass amps (2) Do they allow for mixing the dry signal with the processed signal the way other bass effects usually do for sonic depth?

    The Arena 2000 does include amp simulations that are suitable for bass guitar. The pedal features 12 different amp models, including models of classic bass amps such as the Ampeg SVT and the Fender Bassman.

    Yes, the Arena 2000 allows you to mix the dry (unprocessed) signal with the processed signal, which can help to create sonic depth and preserve the natural tone of your bass guitar. The pedal features a blend knob that lets you adjust the balance between the dry and processed signals, allowing you to achieve the desired balance for your playing style and tone preferences.

    Overall, the Donner Arena 2000 multi-effect guitar pedal offers a range of features and customization options that can be useful for bass guitar players as well as guitarists. With its amp simulations, multiple effects, and blend control, the pedal can help you to create a wide range of tones and textures for your bass guitar playing.

  • Will this work for bass?

    Hi,Regarding the Arena 2000 speaker, yes, it can be used for bass. The speaker features a large 12-inch woofer that is capable of producing powerful and deep bass frequencies, making it suitable for use with bass instruments such as bass guitars or electronic bass modules. Additionally, the Arena 2000 includes a built-in equalizer that allows you to adjust the bass and treble levels to suit your preferences or the needs of your performance. Overall, the Arena 2000 can be a great choice for musicians looking for a versatile and powerful speaker that can handle a wide range of frequencies, including bass.

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