Why Acoustic-Like Drum Shells Improve Sound Quality?

After the previous blog [Unlock the Power of Electronic Drums with Acoustic-Like Thick Shells], many readers are interested in the electronic drums with acoustic-like drum shell. At the same time, some readers asked a question: Why the acoustic-like drum shell will increase the sound quality of the electronic drums? Doesn't the sound of an electronic drum depend on its chip?

Today, we will study this issue.

In electronic drums, the sound generation primarily depends on the drum module or "brain." The brain processes the incoming signals from the drum pads, triggers, or sensors and produces corresponding sounds through built-in sound samples or synthesis algorithms. Therefore, the quality and characteristics of the sound are heavily influenced by the brain's capabilities, including its sound library, processing power, and sound shaping features.

However, the design of the drum pads, including the thickness of the drum shell, can also impact the sound produced by electronic drums.

Here's how the thick drum shell may increase the sound quality:

Resonance and Acoustic Properties

Thicker drum shells have greater mass and density, which affects how they resonate when struck. Acoustic-like thick shells can mimic the resonant properties of traditional acoustic drum shells more closely, resulting in a fuller and more natural sound. This resonance adds depth and character to the drum sound, enhancing its realism and authenticity.

Improved Trigger Response

The thickness of the drum shell can influence the sensitivity and responsiveness of the trigger or sensor embedded within the pad. Thicker shells may provide more consistent triggering and better dynamic range, allowing for nuanced expression and articulation in the drum performance. This improved trigger response contributes to a more realistic and expressive playing experience.

Reduced Crosstalk and Noise

Thicker drum shells can help dampen vibrations and reduce crosstalk between adjacent pads, resulting in cleaner and more accurate triggering. By minimizing interference from neighboring pads, thick shells ensure that each drum sound is isolated and distinct, enhancing clarity and fidelity in the overall sound output. Additionally, thicker shells may help attenuate unwanted mechanical noise or vibrations, resulting in a cleaner and more polished sound.

Aesthetics and Perception

The visual appearance of electronic drums with acoustic-like thick shells can also influence the perception of sound quality. Drummers may associate the classic look of acoustic drum shells with higher-quality sound, leading to a subjective preference for instruments with thicker shells. This psychological aspect can contribute to the perception of improved sound quality, even if the differences are subtle or subjective.

However, when using earphones with electronic drums, the impact of the drum shell on the sound is minimal.

Earphones directly transmit the audio signals from the drum module or brain to the listener's ears, bypassing external factors such as room acoustics or resonance from the drum shells.

While the drum shell may not directly impact the sound heard through earphones, its design and construction can still play a role in shaping the overall playing experience for drummers. Whether it's through improved trigger response, enhanced aesthetics, or increased comfort, electronic drums with acoustic-like thick shells offer a comprehensive solution for drummers seeking authenticity and realism in their performances, regardless of the listening environment.


Overall, while the sound generation in electronic drums primarily relies on the drum module or brain, the design and construction of the drum pads, including the thickness of the shells, can play a significant role in shaping the sound quality and playing experience. Electronic drums with acoustic-like thick shells offer a compelling blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, providing drummers with enhanced realism, expression, and satisfaction in their performances.


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