Halloween Gift Ideas: Top Musical Instruments for families and Friends

Musical instruments can be a great gift, especially if the person you want to buy for is just picking up music. There are plenty of affordable options to choose from that won't set you back too much, or if you want something that will really impress your friends and family, there are some great mid-range priced instruments that would be perfect as a Halloween present. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be a gift they'll enjoy and appreciate.


Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars

Overall, if you are Halloween shopping for a music lover and know what kind of instrument they play, you should definitely consider purchasing them an instrument as a gift. While that may sound like a lot of money to spend on what is essentially an accessory, think about it as an investment in their hobby. And who knows? They might end up being the next great guitarist or bassist.

Electric guitar for Halloween gift

Some beginners already have an acoustic guitar. At the same time, they want to experience playing music with better sound quality and versatility. The electric guitar offers both. If you are planning to give an instrument as a gift, you should think about buying one for Halloween. This can be a great way to create excitement in young musicians who have not received any gift until that time.

Bass guitar for beginners

You can also get him or her a bass guitar if he or she has already mastered some guitar skills. A bass guitar is an essential component of a band. Help your family or friend forge their first band with a bass guitar as their Halloween gift!


Digital Pianos

A good digital piano is a high-quality instrument that will please a piano learner. They are easy to tune and maintain, with a good number of sounds in the library, and can replica most features of an acoustic piano. Beginners can learn to play the piano on a digital piano that cost less than $600 and master the skills needed for more advanced development.

Upright digital piano home decoration

An upright digital piano is also a good decoration for the home. The Halloween monsters and pumpkins look even more lovely with the Upright digital piano in pictures. So if you are looking for musical instruments for Halloween gift ideas, an upright digital piano could be your choice. You may use them to play some musical pieces that match the atmosphere of the festival.


Digital Keyboard

If you have kids, or you are looking to buy gifts for kids, it is good to see digital keyboard pianos as Halloween gifts. It is a compact and versatile instrument that allows kids to learn and practice anytime, anywhere. Even adults will be able to practice to improve their skills on a keyboard. Musical instruments for the whole family are always great gifts because they can bring families together during the holiday season.

portable digital keyboard piano for beginners

Digital keyboards are a more affordable option. A very capable keyboard costs only around $500, which is a great value compared to classic acoustic pianos, which can easily cost over $2,000. Moreover, a digital keyboard piano comes with built-in speakers so there is no need for an amplifier or headphones.


Online Music Classes

Music lessons are a great gift idea for family members and friends. It's a gift that keeps on giving, helping your children as well as grown-up families and friends to develop music. With proper musical instruments for creating music, like drums, trumpets, tambourines, recorders, and violins, they can learn faster if compatible training is available. In addition, music lessons are important for good posture.

 Free online music class from Donner Music

Taking music classes is also a way of mental therapy. Many parents use music training to improve children's patience and perseverance. Others also find musical education could inspire children and benefit the study of other fields. Music can also bring up children's sympathy. They are more sensitive to the feeling of people with adequate music training. Music can even cast a positive influence on special-need children and adults, such as people with ADHD.

Donner Music offers free online music courses for beginners for professionals. You can find them all in Donner Class. You can also download free DAW for MIDI keyboards.

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are still unsure about what gifts to buy for families and friends, browse the Donner Music shop. You will find your perfect deal.


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