Donner will Exhibit More Than 20 New Products at NAMM 2023


BOOTH #4324

April 13–15, 2023 Convention Center, Anaheim, California

Anaheim, CA – (April 06, 2023) - Donner, a leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments with an extensive range of products that covers guitars, e-drums, digital pianos and audio equipment, is set to introduce its latest musical instruments and audio equipment at the highly anticipated 2023 NAMM Show to be held from April 13-15 in Anaheim, California, USA.


At Booth 4324, Donner will unveil new additions to its lineups of HUSH Series headless guitars, Seeker Series electric guitars, and carbon fiber guitars, providing exclusive new experiences and possibilities to both beginner and advanced guitarists.

Donner will join the media preview day on April 12 with its latest innovation – the REVO Smart Guitar.

For keys and percussion, visitors will see Donner’s latest flagship electronic drum sets, DED-500P, and D1 Drum Machine from the Essential Series synthesizers and the ungraded model of DDP-80 Digital Piano, DDP-80 Plus.

In the pro-audio and consumer electronics industry, Donner will also make a splash in the market with its feature-rich products, including the integrated all-in-one workstation and portable interfaces for podcasting, as well as the compact soundbar packed with Dolby Atmos, marking Donner’s bold attempt in the CE market.

Besides new products Donner is bringing new ideas and plans to its dealers and partners. To build more connections with dealer guests, Donner will host a sales event in Marriott Anaheim on the Friday night of April 14th, allowing the authorized dealers and potential partners a convenient place to conduct business.

For more information, please visit the Donner’s booth at the NAMM Show 2023 in the Anaheim Convention Center, April 13 to 15, 2023.

Get an exclusive sneak peek at some of these new products below, and stay tuned to Donner's booth (#4324) at the 2023 NAMM Show for more news and updates.


Donner HUSH-X Headless Electric Guitar

Being a new member to the Donner’s HUSH Series headless guitar lineup, the HUSH-X is equipped with a humbucker bridge pickup and an Alnico-V style single-coil neck pickup, Key features include a compact, neck-through and detachable body with upgraded screw-free metal hardware, a 3-position flat switching, and a 2-in-1 volume/tone knob. The HS pickup configuration is further enhanced by the Active/Passive switch when plugged in with an earphone through a 3.5mm jack output. 


HUSH-I Headless Acoustic Guitar: new color of Black and Sunburst

For 2023, Donner is refreshing the HUSH-I with two fresh finishes, Black for the maple body and Sunburst for the mahogany body. The HUSH-I models will retain a detachable neck-thru body and minimalist design, a preamp with headphone output and an aux-in port that makes the best companion for practicing and traveling. 

Seeker Series DST-600 Electric Guitar

The DST-600 has an alder body, and maple neck and comes in either SSS or HSS configurations with a maple or rosewood fretboard. Equipped with a trio of alnico V style pickups developed by Donner, the vintage staggered SSS configured DST-600 marks Donner's faithful attempt for the vintage aesthetics while maintaining versatile play capabilities by providing an alternative HSS configured option. 


Seeker Series DST-700 Hyper Electric Guitar

DST-700 boasts a 5-piece neck made with roasted maple bolted on a basswood or mahogany body, offering supreme stability and aesthetics for shred guitarists. Second, Donner’s new Hyper Series pickups come in 3 configurations: HH, HSS, and HSH with coil switch. Donner’s latest Hyper Series pickups are designed, made, and tuned for high-output fatter tones, yet deliver tremendous dynamic range.

Donner REVO Smart Guitar

The Donner REVO smart guitar is a revolutionary product for guitar education, both for learners and tutors. Equipped with the patented DMI pickup system and advanced audio algorithm by Donner's engineer, REVO can recognize, and show every note played by the player. It has low latency and high precision and can feedback on the sound to the player through its dynamic lighting fretboard while recording it into the App synchronously. Guitarists can make their fretboard notes, chords, scale positions, and colors to help them practice more efficiently and memorize the fretboard. The REVO also overcomes the barriers of space and time by connecting the teacher, students and musical knowledge all together. Whether it goes to the hands of a beginner or an experienced player, with REVO Guitar, the learning, teaching, and sharing will be much easier and more efficient. To know more, please visit Donner on the Media Preview Day of NAMM 2023 on April 12th.

Keys and Percussions:

Donner DED-200P Electronic Drum Set

The DED-200P Electronic Drum Set builds on the solid features of the time-trusted and best-seller kits - DED-200 that was launched in 2019, while introducing innovative new technologies and electronics. This adaptable drum set comes with double-ply mesh heads that are sensitive to velocity and provide genuine acoustic feel and responsiveness. The mesh heads are designed with dual-triggering technology and the cymbals are dual-zone and chokeable, making them suitable for drummers with varying playing styles, including those who play hard rock or have a lighter touch. A change from mesh to rubber for kick also offers solid and authentic feedback.

Additionally, the DED-200P comes with 450 sounds, 30 preset kits and 50 practice tracks, making it effortless to play along with your preferred tracks for rehearsal or record your performance for assessment.

Donner DED-500P Electronic Drum Set

Donner's latest DED-500P electronic drum set is a state-of-the-art instrument that delivers a premium drumming experience. The product boasts a brand-new module, a powerful sound library, and more than two expansion ports for configuration customization. The product's sleek and high-end appearance, with a metal pressure ring that emulates the feel of a real drum, provides an authentic playing experience. The standalone hi-hat configuration and classic sound of acoustic drum kits satisfy the needs of professional users. With 948 built-in tones, 72 drum sets, and 15 demo songs, the audio generator's balance and parameter adjustment functions allow you to set the tone details as desired. The 10-inch (double trigger) mesh drum pads provide excellent trigger and feel, enabling you to showcase your playing skills. 

DDP-80 Plus Digital Piano

Being the upgraded model from the DDP-80 launched in 2022, Donner DDP-80 Plus digital piano upholds a minimalist design that blends well with the aesthetics of modern homes but also makes more thoughtful improvements in details, including a keybed cover, high quality metal wares, the adjusted tilt angle of the stand that makes a more compact digital piano. Featuring an 88-key graded hammer standard keyboard, DDP-80 Plus replicates the touch and sound quality of a traditional grand acoustic piano. Removable pedal stop, Stereo Surround Speakers, and USB MIDI Connecting, all bring you a better playing experience. 

Essential D1 Drum Machine

D1 is a 12 channel sample-based drum machine. It's mainly aiming at the entry-level market, offering a simplified yet inspiring user interface, helping musicians who are newly into electronic music production come up with drum patterns more easily. It features both real-time recording and step sequencing workflow and can be switched via combo function keys.

Pro Audios

Donner PC-02 Podcast Workstation

PC-02 is an audio interface and integrated workstation equipped with Donner's latest audio algorithm offering an all-in-one solution for live Streaming and podcasting that lets you control the mic, instruments, game, music, chat, and even full band performance for the perfect broadcast mix. 

Donner Livejack Series Audio Interface: Livejack M, Livejack Lite, Livejack 2X2

The Livejack Series offers three versatile recording solutions tailored to different scenarios and needs. The Livejack M is a portable interface that's perfect for mobile recording and live streaming, allowing you to capture high-quality audio on the go. The Livejack Lite provides an easy way to connect a microphone and instrument or line-level audio signal to a computer, making it an ideal solution for beginners looking to get started with studio recording quickly. For more advanced users, the Livejack 2x2 is the premium model of the Livejack Lite series. It offers 2 XLR combo interfaces with rich functions, meeting the input needs of most professional microphones and musical instruments, making it perfect for small studios that require various digital audio processing tasks. 

Donner RB-1 Roar Booster Dynamic Microphone Preamp

RB-1 is a microphone preamp for dynamic microphones, which can improve the sensitivity of dynamic microphones and help you obtain clearer and more dynamic sound.

DHT-S300 Soundbar

Equipped with Dolby Atmos®, Donner DHT-S300 Soundbar is designed to deliver outstanding audio performance, combined with a compact and sleek design that complements any home entertainment system. Click here for more specifications and images.

We will also see some of the best launches from Donner in 2022

Donner DMK25-PRO Midi Keyboard Controller

DMK-25 PRO is an innovative portable MIDI keyboard ideal for music creators of all genres. Supporting a large variety of popular DAWs in the market, the DMK-25 PRO provides users with a complete music production experience, while also streamlining their workflow. Features such as Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode and Real-Time Multi-Mode Control make it easier than ever for users to arrange their music, and the included 16 modal scales - let players transition seamlessly between different musical genres, generating an infinite amount of creative possibilities. Other convenient functions, such as arpeggio, note-repeat, and chord functions, are easily manageable for even a novice creator.

Donner Essential B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer / Sequencer

The Donner B1 Analog Bass Sequencer is a modern analog synthesizer with a sleek design that delivers classic deep bass tones. It brings you all of the deep bass and acid synthesizer sounds of the classic synth in a more intuitive solution. B1 features a self-developed, straightforward logic that makes it perfect for beginners.

Donner Arena2000 Multi-Effect Processor / Amp Modeler

Arena 2000 is a floor pedal delivering effects, amp and cab sims, and a massive bundle of functionality and connectivity, all of which make it a prime contender for guitarists shopping in the booming entry-level end of the market.

Donner DC-87 Condenser Microphone

DC-87 is a professional-grade condenser microphone, suitable for musicians and audiophiles to obtain high-fidelity audio with high dynamics, wide bandwidth, and rich details in the recording studio. It requires a 48V phantom power supply.

Donner PO-8 Dynamic Microphone

PO-8 is a professional-grade dynamic microphone with extremely high sound quality and powerful functions, suitable for a professional podcaster or singers for indoor or outdoor live broadcasts and performances.

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