NOTE: [Donner] on Reward Program -- Earn more [Donner] for different actions, and you can turn those [Donner] into awesome rewards!

Special Offer In June

A.Every $1 spent = 10 Donner (Only 1 Donner Normally)

1.Shopping on this website ( during June: Every $1 spent = 10 Donner directly. You can check your points on Reward Program after paying.


2.Purchased Donner products during 2021: All U.S. and Canadian customers who have purchased Donner products during 2021 (unlimited consumption platform and amount) can redeem points for 10 times the consumption amount based on your order details. Each account can only redeem 10 times points once with one order number.

[Redeem Method: ①Register as a member 👉👉Register now→②Send the registered email address, customer name and order details (including purchase date, order number/ID and consumption amount) to email:]

B.Redeem the Free Gift:

①2000 Donner = EC818, limited to 300 copies

(Click For More About EC818👉👉 Donner DC-2 Guitar Capo)

②3000 Donner = EC1199, limited to 100 copies

(Click For More About EC1199👉👉Donner 12 Inches Drum Practice Pad With Drum Sticks)

③5000 Donner = EC1295, limited to 100 copies

(Click For More About EC1295👉👉Donner DSS-6 Acoustic Guitar Pickup)

④10000 Donner = EC1275, limited to 50 copies

(Click For More About EC1275👉👉Donner Wireless Guitar System)

[Redeem Method: ①Sign in the Reward Program→ ②Redeem your gift in ‘Ways to redeem’ section, and then you will get the code→③Add your gift to the cart and use the code to place an order at 0 dollar]


About the Special Offer:

1.Redeem 10 times points handling time: We will handle and reply within 2-7 days.

2.Once the points are redeemed, they can not be refunded or changed. Your can click on the link above to know more details about the gifts before redeeming.

3.The valid period for redeeming points with order details is 2021.6.1-2021.6.31.

4.The number of free gifts is limited, while stocks last.

5.The order details does not require personal privacy information such as credit card number, shipping address, etc. It only needs to include the purchase date, order number/ID and consumption amount.

6.This offer is only valid for customers in the United States and Canada.

7.We have the right to the final interpretation of these terms and conditions. For more discounts, please follow [Donnerdeal] on Facebook.


More Information About Reward Program

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About [Donner]
Earn more [Donner] for different actions, and turn those [Donner] into awesome rewards!
Ways to earn
1.Place an order : 1 Donner for every $1 spent
2.Signup = 300 Donner
3.Like on Facebook = 10 Donner
4.Follow on Twitter = 100 Donner
5.Share on Twitter = 200 Donner
6.Share on Facebook = 200 Donner
7.Follow on Instagram = 100 Donner
8.Celebrate a birthday = 100 Donner

Note : Expiration period : 1 year

Ways to redeem
1.5% off coupon=500 Donner
2.$5 off coupon = 800 Donner
3.$10 off coupon = 1500 Donner
4.$15 off coupon = 2000 Donner


Share your friends the link and after registering they will get 10% off coupon. When they make a purchase, You will get $5 off coupon.

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